Slide In 2016, our founders regularly traveled between London & New York for business. As frequent flyers who constantly suffer from Jet Lag, and too often catching a cold virus, they researched what natural products were available to help strengthen the immune system, but they could not find a single-use product that helps with the range of conditions associated with Flying.

An idea was born……

To create a unique well-being immune boosting shot drink that is specifically for Air Travel that actually works!  It needs to be small, cost-effective, of natural ingredients and flavors, and shelf stable. 

Over the past four years, we have spent 1000’s of hours researching ingredients, meeting with various suppliers of natural plant and root extracts that have been clinically studied providing research evidence  of increasing blood flow, reducing stress and anxiety, and generally giving immune boosting qualities.  

In today’s difficult and unsettling times, it’s so important to keep your immune system healthy, our dedicated team based in the US, Europe, and Mexico are committed to continually creating and delivering the very best MEGA IMMUNE leading immune boosting products in the World. 

Our vision

The 21st century has been a huge milestone for humanity.  We’ve created great technologies and products which have positively contributed to our quality of life.  This progress has come with challenges of increased prices, stress, anxiety, depression, and viruses.  This is making us go back to eating and drinking healthy foods – to take care of our mind, body, and soul.

About Us

A smart new way to boost your energy level, immune system, body and brain, that will help you to be protected, active, and balanced. 

For this, we’ve created a smart new way to boost your energy, your immune system, body, and mind, that will help you to be protected, active and balanced, YOUR NEW TRAVEL COMPANION!

We’ll be launching new products soon,
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